Sunday, September 20, 2015

Scoping Things Out

I had my endoscopy last Tuesday. The procedure was three hours late, which didn't help my nerves at all, but the actual procedure went fine. The doctor didn't find any obstructions, and he took four biopsies. I should know the results on those in two to four weeks.

He mentioned some possible drugs for the gastroparesis. One is called Reglan, which has horrible side effects, and the other one has to be ordered from out of the country. He said he could write a script for that one. I have a follow up appointment with him in two weeks where we will discuss all this. He said he is still trying to determine where the delayed gastric emptying in coming from. He's not sure if the pancreas is still involved.

I told him that my symptoms are getting far worse. The pain and cramping is so painful and I can only take a few bits of food before I feel completely stuffed. I have never experience this level of exhaustion in my life, and I already have exhaustion from the sleep apnea. My team leader at work said I'm still on a critical level of warning, so my job could be gone any day now.